Alright, fandom, the bots need our help!
Voting for Time’s Time100 (the 100 most influential people of the year) is happening RIGHT NOW and Daft Punk aren’t doing very well at all. We helped them get as far as we could in MTV’s Musical March Madness, we can pool our efforts and get them more votes here! Let’s prove how influential the robots have been, not only to us, but to music in general!

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Vote guys!c’mon!

I want to record from my amp directly to the computer. But the computer is Windows 8 so it can’t understand what a cable hooked to the microphone jack means. Shit OS, 0 stars.


i found the exact moment when steve harvey’s soul collapsed


i spend my days pouring protein powder down ant hills in the hope that the ants get really big and can carry me places

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